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Kasey E. Power, PhD

In pursuing a PhD in Art and Visual Culture Education from the University of Arizona, I researched, developed, and implemented programs for preparing, mentoring, and coaching preservice and novice art teachers.


My research seeks to understand, from the perspective of preservice teachers, why social media is used as a curricular resource and how preservice teachers critically analyze and amend such sources before bringing them into K-12 classrooms. This research involves the generation and application of analysis tools for critiquing online curricula through the lens of Mezirow’s transformative learning theory and Noddings’ care theory.


Social Media & 
Lesson Planning

More than ever, preservice, novice, and veteran art teachers use social media and other online resources to aid in lesson planning and curriculum development. But are all resources created equal? During dissertation research, which involved preservice art educators during their semester of student teaching, I developed a prototype application that 1) offers a usable framework from which to assess online resources, 2) guides art educators through the traits of effective lesson plans, and 3) offers downloadable lesson plans.


Art education is a field that can impact lives from infancy to old age, both within and outside of traditional school settings. In my time as an art teacher, I've had the joy of working with students from age four to adults, in museum, community, and K-12 settings. Importantly, my time teaching undergraduates has instilled a passion for educating and mentoring the next generation of art teachers.


Emerging Conversations Symposium — The University of Arizona

Presentation | November 2021

I Saw It, I Liked It, I Taught It: Preservice Art Teachers' Use and Transformation of Online Resources in Curriculum Development

Art Education for Social Justice Symposium Presentation—

The University of Georgia

Presentation | February 2020

Responding to the Challenge to Care: Curricular Suggestions for Social Justice Art Education (Co-Presented with Dr. Jeff Broome, Dr. Bryna Bobick, Dr. ALyssia Ruggiero, & Cindy Jesup)


American Educational Researchers Association Conference Presentation —Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Presentation | April 2019

The Staying Power of Status Quo Scripts: Preservice Teachers’ Field-based Encounters with the Masculinity Narrative in Elementary School Settings (Co-Presented with Dr. Kathy Carter)

National Art Educators Association Conference Presentation — Boston, MA

Presentation | April 2019

Teaching Care and Empathy in Preservice Art Education Programs 


Emerging Conversations Symposium —The University of Arizona

Presentation | November 2017

Teaching with care: Utilizing the Art Classroom to Accommodate Adolescent Depression and Anxiety


National Art Educators Association Conference Presentation — San Diego, CA

Presentation | March 2014 

BASIS Has an Art Program? Teaching Art in One of the Nation’s Top Ten High Schools (Co-Presented with Porter McDonald)


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